Assembled PCB’s which required standing under military and/or needs conformal coating after being assembled, require cleaning in order to remove the flux debris. The cleaning procedure is done by a unique DEGREASER, manufactured by CC HYDROSONICS UK (CREST Group). Its exceptionality is reflected by the fact that it is absolutely sealed to the outside environment. This advantage enables to place the DEGREASER at the production floor area and also insures there will be no discharge of cleaning solvent fumes to the surrounded environment.
Furthermore, in order to clean the PCBs’, the system is programmed to carry out rinsing About uss which are required for all kinds of materials. The rinsing About us is flexible and adjusted according to each relevant material as necessary.

UNI offers a solution for cleaning all sorts of PCBs’ according the customers demands using ABZOL EG/VG and SOLKLEEN CPM materials.